Boost your business with unique token-gated memberships

Unleash the power of token-gating for exclusive members-only experiences using the Sentr3 platform.

Unlock the power of blockchain-based memberships

Elevate your brand by leveraging the unique capabilities of token-gating for exclusive members-only experiences with the Sentr3 platform. Sentr3 is not just a platform; it’s your toolkit to design unparalleled token-gated experiences. We equip your brand to deliver an exclusive, distraction-free environment, cultivating strong customer ties and loyalty.

With Sentr3, you hold the power to fashion token-gated digital spaces that echo your brand identity—creating communities that people feel a part of.

One customer portal to rule them all

Premium content

With Sentr3, you can provide your community with a unique, gated and customized experience. Your users will gain exclusive access to premium content, enhancing their connection to your brand and ensuring they always feel valued and prioritized. Don’t let your premium content get lost in the sea of generic search results, house it safe and sound within the exclusive comforts of Sentr3 rooms.

Event management

Managing access to an event with tokens is a breeze with Sentr3. From token-gated access to real-time event updates, the platform empowers you to manage events with finesse. Provide attendees with a seamless experience that retains your brand’s uniqueness and leaves them eagerly awaiting your next event.

Social networking

Sentr3 fosters the sense of community crucial to any brand’s success. It enables your members to interact, collaborate, and bond over shared experiences within your exclusive ecosystem. Say goodbye to intrusive outsiders and keep the spotlight on your community, maintaining brand consistency and enhancing user interaction within your Sentr3 room.

Seamless member verification

With our intuitive token-gating mechanisms, verifying and managing members has never been easier. Every individual entering your Sentr3 room will be authenticated via their token ownership, ensuring your room remains exclusive to your community members and free of unrelated distractions.

Self-serve host portal

Maintain total control of your brand experience with our self-serve host portal. This simple yet powerful dashboard allows you to seamlessly manage your token-gated rooms, update settings, introduce new gamification, and administer member interactions. Stay in the driver’s seat of your token-gated journey, and rest assured that you’ve got the reins firmly in hand with Sentr3.


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