Welcome to a new era of exclusivity through token-gated events

Witness a revolution in your member-based experiences and events with our unique standout solution, Sentr3.

Empower your events with token-gating

Step into an era of unique exclusivity with token-gated events developed smoothly through Sentr3. Transform your member-centric experiences and events with our cutting-edge solution that puts all event controls in your hands.

From host verifier assignment, simultaneous multi-location event management, to effortless attendee onboarding – Sentr3 is the key that seamlessly unlocks endless potential for your exclusive, token-gated experiences.

Get in touch with us to discover the true power of token-gating with Sentr3, a modern take on membership events designed to fortify your communal bond like never before. Use our proprietary platform or let us build you a custom solution to meet your exact needs.

Built for an ever-evolving Web3 world

QR Code Scans

Holder of your event ticket tokens are provided with unique QR codes that can be scanned at the entrance of your event. Only authenticated holders can bypass your gate.

Verifier Mgmt.

Assign verifiers to one or many events, making it easy to deploy multi-stage or multi-location setups in a matter of minutes. Verifiers can scan tickets via the mobile app.

Parallel Support

Host one or many events in one or many rooms at the same time. This is perfect for larger brands with more complex multi-location requirements. The sky is the limit with Sentr3.

Seamless attendee onboarding

Allow attendees to purchase tickets with a credit card or crypto of your choice all while accounting for non-technical users who do not yet own a Web3 wallet.

Self-serve host portal

Invite new verifiers, deploy event-only standalone rooms in parallel to member or customer rooms. Stay agile with complete control of your room(s) settings.


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