Launch blockchain-powered loyalty programs and memberships

Revamp your monetization model, streamline access operations, delight customers, grow reach, and differentiate your brand.

A platform and framework to revamp your exclusive products and services

With Sentr3, you can easily host experiences exclusively for customers holding your membership or event NFT. Instead of throwing your customers into a Discord or Telegram room, give them an experience they deserve with Sentr3.

Create unique experiences for your most loyal customers and community, protect your business operations from chargebacks and piracy, and tap into a completely new way of monetizing your business through digital asset ownership (NFTs).

Whether you’re a brand, creator, or entrepreneur looking to differentiate your offerings or an event organizer looking to create more engaging and exclusive experiences, Sentr3 can help.

Unlock the power of token-gating strategies

Increase Lifetime Value

With our approach to applying token-gating to your business, you don’t only generate revenue when people try your product or service – you also benefit whenever they’re satisfied.

Amplify Brand Reach

By tokenizing memberships and access-oriented offers, you are publishing directly onto public blockchains – the nature of blockchain enables more eyeballs on your brand assets for free.

Increase Revenue Potential

Token-gating allows you to explore new revenue models and monetize your offerings in new ways. Royalty schemes enforced at the smart contract level make this easy to implement.

Eliminate Piracy

By leveraging a token-gated approach, you help eliminate piracy of your content which can help you increase revenue, protect your brand, and improve the overall customer experience.

We serve

Membership Businesses

Sentr3 can help brands and creators manage and secure access to content, events, offers, and communities.

Event-Oriented Businesses

Sentr3 helps event organizers manage NFT ticket sales, prevent fraud, and streamline event check-in operations.

B2C Brands with Loyalty Programs

Sentr3 helps businesses create and manage loyalty programs that allow NFT holders to unlock benefits.

Web3 Creators and Projects

Sentr3 can help native Web3 brands and companies to revamp access to holder utilities in user-friendly ways.


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