Manage token-gated communities and event access with ease

A seamless solution to power branded token-gated experiences around fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Demo Platform

Launch your own token-gated community and manage exclusive benefits for customers, attendees, and members. Sentr3 has everything you need to craft exclusive ownership-based experiences with tokens.

Deploy nested social experiences in minutes that has all the following features you need to manage access to member-only social experiences and benefits.

Token-gating software solutions for

Access Mgmt.

We help you make your ticketing process smart and secure using blockchain. Think of it like special digital tickets that only the right people can use, reducing fake tickets and making your events exclusive and safe.


We help you create special membership programs where only members with unique digital tokens can access certain perks. It’s like an exclusive club pass, but digital, ensuring a more engaged and valued community.


We guide you in using digital tokens (NFTs) for managing access to your exclusive products or services. We also help you set up blockchain-based checkout and payment processing systems adapted to your exact needs.


The Web3 world can be confusing with so many technologies out there. We help you pick the right technology to make onboarding as seamless as possible for your business use case’s end users.



Manage free or token-gated access to your own content feed for announcements, deep discussion with unlimited nested commenting.


Manage free or token-gated access to discussion or content channels organized by category with seamless sorting capabilities.


Enable effortless chat-styled communication between members via a built-in 1:1 chat to enable inter-member communication and networking.


Manage events and physical access passes that can be token-gated or made free for room members. Assign verifiers who can QR-scan members at the door.

Shopify Offers

Token-gate access to Shopify-hosted product offers from within your room(s) in a matter of clicks and leverage Shopify’s world-class commerce suite.

Smart Notifications

Empower members to set custom notifications related to rooms they’re in to be notified each time something worthy is mentioned within your community.

Why Sentr3

Granular token-gating

Gate across many chains

Gate around IDs and traits

Create complex AND/OR gating rules

Create allow-lists

API access (on request)

Map token/NFT smart contracts

Deploy one or many rooms

Manage one or many rooms

Invite and manage room hosts

Set a custom domain

Any domain name you own

Any subdomain name your own

A Sentr3 subdomain name


We currently support a wide range of token standards and blockchains. Our solution is built to make it easy to work with you to integrate any blockchain or token standard required by your project. Reach out to our team today to learn more.


With over five years of pioneering in the Web3 space, we bring invaluable insights and a wealth of experience to avoid pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities, all while building cutting-edge and proprietary software tooling.


We demystify Web3, delivering user-friendly experiences that resonate with both tech-savvy and non-technical users alike, bridging the gap between complex technology and simplicity end-users expect.


Solutions we implement will grow with you needs. We carefully select and tailor the tooling and technology stacks to match the demands of your project, ensuring seamless scaling that aligns with your ambitions.


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