Blockchain-based authentication for better customer service

We make it easy for you to issue authenticity certificates as NFTs and to provide your customers with a customer support portal tailored to their post-purchase expectations.

Provide a better post-purchase experience

Beyond just verifying ownership through blockchain technology, Sentr3 enhances post-purchase customer interaction. Our platform essentially functions as a customer service portal, simplifying procedures like generating ownership certificates, creating post-purchase services, or even broadcasting offers to loyal customers.

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One customer portal to rule them all

Demand generation

Leverage your customer portal to broadcast new offers to loyal customers

Loyalty program

Use tokens as a new way for customers to claim in-store loyalty benefits.

Direct comms

Provide your customers with an easy and trusted way to contact your business.

Ownership verification

Verify ownership status with tokens hosted on transparent public blockchains.

Documentation management

Token-gate access to relevant customer-only documentation and information.


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