1. Why am I here?

You’re here because you tried joining a room on Sentr3 that is token-gated with one or many tokens or digital collectibles.

2. What is a room?

A room on Sentr3 represents a token-gated members area that is only accessible to verified holders of one or many tokens or digital collectibles. Rooms are created by Hosts for a variety of different reasons: house an exclusive community, limit access to physical events or exclusive content, and much more! Anyone is free to contact Sentr3 to host their own room(s).

3. What is Sentr3?

Sentr3, a play on the words Sentry and Web3, is a proprietary platform that allows Hosts to create and limit access to exclusive social benefits and access to a wide range of experiences: exclusive communities, discussions, content, event access, and offers. The Sentr3 platform’s patent-pending proof-of-ownership technology takes care of securely validating one’s member status (eligible or not eligible). The platform *never* has any access to users’ digital assets – Sentr3 is a read-only application that is integrated with leading providers in the blockchain industry: Alchemy, Covalent, Unlock Protocol, Shopify, and many more.