How it Works

Step 1

Select a token-gating strategy and benefit delivery framework tailored to your business or project

Step 2

Create your tokenized collection while retaining 100% control of your keys via Unlock Protocol

Step 3

Associate your collection(s) and gate access to member-only benefits within your Sentr3 room(s)

Step 4

Launch your tokenized membership or loyalty program and manage holder benefits via your room(s)

Want a complete test drive of Sentr3?

Beyond token-gating, Sentr3 can help you with


Novel Web3 business models, powered by things like NFT-based royalty strategies, can generate additional revenue streams that can be used to further grow community size, engagement, loyalty, and retention. Sentr3 can help you create an action plan to sustain positive cash flow from your customer loyalty and engagement efforts.

Generate additional revenue streams

Fuel additional member benefits

Run sustainable loyalty programs


Create meaningful interactions with your customers and fans leveraging the power of token-based incentives and token-gated experiences. These interactive experiences don’t only drive growth, but can also boost engagement that can be used to further expand your community and increase engagement in a bottom-up way.

Boost customer engagement

Drive community growth

Increase retention and loyalty


Knowing what holders expect at each step of the funnel is of great success to the ultimate success of your project. Sentr3 can help you craft the correct touch points to ensure you generate maximum holder adoption.

Pre-mint email or VSL scripts and ideas

Launch email or VSL scripts and ideas

Onboarding and feedback sequence scripts


Knowing how to integrate your blockchain-based offers into your existing website stack can be tedious. Sentr3 can provide you with optimized landing page templates and can even host your landing pages for you.

Pre-mint opt-in page

Launch day landing page and thank you pages

Sentr3 platform room and channel setup templates