The Sentr3 Token-Gating Platform

Token-Gated Content
  • Control Access: With Sentr3’s token-gated content feature, businesses and creators can control access to exclusive content by requiring customers to hold certain tokens or NFTs.

  • Monetize Content: By token-gating their content, businesses and creators can monetize their offerings in a more direct and secure way.

  • Reward Loyalty: Token-gated content can also be used to reward customer loyalty, providing an added incentive for customers to hold onto their tokens and engage with the brand or creator.
Token-Gated Community and Discussion
  • Create a token-gated community and discussion forum for your most loyal customers or supporters.

  • Control access to your community by requiring users to hold a specific token or NFT to join.

  • Foster a sense of exclusivity and build stronger relationships with your community by giving them a dedicated space to connect with each other and you.
Token-Gated IRL Events
  • Create exclusive in-person events for holders of your access tokens or NFTs.

  • Ensure that only those with access tokens or NFTs can attend the event, increasing the level of exclusivity and building stronger loyalty among your community.

  • Easily track attendance and engagement, making it simple to reward your most loyal customers and continually improve your events in the future.
Token-Gated Vimeo Live Streamed Events
  • Streamline Event Access: With this feature, businesses and creators can create exclusive live streams and easily restrict access to only authorized token holders, without needing to manually monitor attendees.

  • Monetize Events: The platform also allows businesses and creators to monetize their events through token-based ticketing or pay-per-view models, while still maintaining the exclusivity of their events.

  • Increase Brand Exposure: By using the Vimeo live streaming platform, businesses and creators can leverage its built-in capabilities to customize branding, run polls, and chat with their audience, all while providing a seamless and professional experience for their token holders.
Token-Gated Access Management with dynamic QR Codes
  • Generate and distribute dynamic QR codes that grant access to exclusive offers or events.

  • Monitor and manage access to the token-gated experiences in real-time to ensure a seamless and secure customer experience.

  • Enable a streamlined check-in process for events or venues, allowing for easy and efficient entry for customers with access tokens or NFTs.
Token-Gated In-Store Discount Claiming with QR Codes
  • Create Token-Gated Discounts: Businesses and creators can create token-gated discounts that are only available to specific token holders.

  • Verify Token Ownership: Token holders can claim their discounts by scanning a QR code with their digital wallet, which verifies their ownership of the necessary tokens.

  • Increase Customer Loyalty: This feature incentivizes customers to hold onto specific tokens and builds brand loyalty by offering exclusive in-store discounts that can only be claimed with those tokens.
Token-Gated Shopify Collections

Token-Gated Shopify Collections allows businesses and creators to control access to their Shopify collections with tokens or NFTs, enabling them to create exclusive product offerings and improve customer loyalty.

By leveraging the Shopify Buy Button SDK, Sentr3 makes it easy to integrate with an existing Shopify store and set up token-gated access to exclusive products and collections.

Token-Gated Customer Verification & Support
  • Verify Customer Eligibility: Sentr3’s token-gated customer verification feature allows businesses and creators to ensure that only eligible customers can access exclusive content, events, and other benefits.

  • Provide Dedicated Support: With this feature, businesses and creators can offer dedicated support to their most loyal customers through a secure and transparent channel.

  • Enhance Customer Experience: By using token-gated customer verification and support, businesses and creators can enhance the overall customer experience and improve loyalty and retention.

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NFT Collection CRM and Training

Collection Manager

Mint, airdrop, and sell NFTs using Sentr3’s Collection Manager dashboard, powered by Unlock Protocol. This feature enables businesses to maintain control of their private keys, collection smart contracts, and administrative status, while creating an NFT collection that’s perfectly aligned with their token-gating strategy.

With the Collection Manager, businesses can easily manage their NFT collection, offering seamless experiences to their customers.

Stripe Connect Integration

Get up and running with Stripe quickly and easily by letting Sentr3 take care of the setup process for you.

With our help, you can connect your Stripe account to your NFT collections, making it easy to process credit card payments when you’re selling NFTs.

This service is ideal for hosts who are planning to sell their NFTs at launch and want to streamline the payment process for their buyers.

Manual and Bulk Airdrop Management

With Sentr3’s Manual and Bulk Airdrop Management service, you can easily manage and conduct your NFT airdrop campaigns manually or in bulk.

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NFT Delivery Management

NFT Checkout Form (Integrated with Stripe)

The NFT Checkout Form is a feature of the Sentr3 platform that allows creators and businesses to sell their NFTs directly to their customers using a streamlined and user-friendly checkout process.

The form we set up for you is integrated with Stripe, which enables secure processing of credit card payments as well as cryptocurrency payments.

This feature eliminates the need for businesses to create their own checkout process and allows them to focus on creating and selling NFTs. With the NFT Checkout Form, businesses can effortlessly sell NFTs to their customers, providing them with a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

NFT Airdrop RSVP Form

We can help you set up a web form that allows users to sign up and reserve a spot to receive a free NFT during an upcoming airdrop campaign.

This type of form can be used to generate interest and build a community around a new NFT project, and can be promoted through various channels such as social media, email, and other marketing efforts.

Sentr3 can help businesses and creators set up and customize their NFT Airdrop RSVP Form, allowing them to collect important user information and manage their airdrop campaigns effectively.

Try out our demo checkout form setups here.

Try our our demo airdrop RSVP form setups here.

We can build these setups for you on any popular EVM blockchain.

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If you host a token-gated room with Sentr3, the setup of these forms is included.

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