What does it mean to host a “room” on the Sentr3 platform?

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If you’re new to Sentr3, you’re probably a bit confused about how we’ve approached token-gating.

At Sentr3, everything revolves around what we call “rooms”.

So what is a room?

In short, a “room” is a portal through which hosts can deliver utilities to their token holders.

Rooms are the gatekeeper of everything within them and are guarded by cryptographic proof.

So who decides the entry criteria for a room and what kinds of utilities can be housed within rooms?

Gating criteria

Hosts can request to open a room

They tell Sentr3 what gating criteria they want applied to people trying to enter their room(s).

This gating criteria can be as simple or complex as the host desires.

Hosts can gate according to whether an individual holds an NFT belonging to a specific collection.

Hosts can also gate according to whether an individual holds a certain basket of items within different collections.

Sentr3 will soon also be allowing hosts to define gating criteria according to whether or not an individual holds a particular NFT within a collection (by ID, traits, or combinations between the two).

This level of control over gating criteria gives hosts everything they need to gamify user experiences within their project, community, or organization.

We’re very excited about what the future holds with regard to the gamification of token-gated experiences.

Utilities that can be gated via rooms



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