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If you’re new to Sentr3, you may be a bit confused about how we approach token-gating.

At Sentr3, everything revolves around what we refer to as “rooms”.

So what is a room?

In short, a “room” is a portal through which Hosts can deliver experiences and benefits to their token holders (community access, content access, event access passes, and offers).

Rooms gate-keep of everything within them and are guarded by cryptographic proof.

Hosts define entry criteria for their room(s) and decide what benefits to house within them.

What is token-gated entry criteria?

Token-gated entry criteria defines who should be let into a given room based on the token(s) they can prove ownership of.

Sentr3 makes it easy to set token-gating entry criteria for complex scenarios that involve multiple collections, blockchains, ID ranges, and/or meta data traits.

This makes it easy to gamify entry criteria out of the box with a few clicks.

Here are just a few examples of supported token-gating entry criteria types:

  • Hold A *or* B
  • Hold A *and* B
  • Hold (A *and* B) *or* C
  • Hold (A *and* B) *or* (C *and* D) *or* (E)

We’re very excited about what the future holds with regard to the gamification of token-gated experiences – we hope to make this effortless for Hosts to achieve.

Customer benefits that can be housed within rooms

  • Exclusive Communities
  • Exclusive Topic-Based Chat
  • Exclusive Premium Content
  • IRL Event Access Passes
  • In-Store Discount Access
  • Shopify Offers or Collections

Rooms can be fully adapted to your brand

One or many rooms can be configured to be mirrored on any custom domain or subdomain that belongs to the Host. Beyond this, the room can be set to reflect your brands primary colors, font, and custom copywriting. Through the Sentr3 CMS, Hosts can quickly define and update each room’s settings with ease from an admin dashboard.

Want to see under the hood or host your own room?

Contact us or schedule a demo with us today to discover if Sentr3 is right for your token-gating project or use case.

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