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How long does it take to ship a white-label?

This is completely up to your list of requirements for your custom MVP white-label deployment. If your white-label requires no custom setup, you can be up and running within 30-45 days.

Can SENTR3 scale with my growing needs?

Yes, SENTR3 was built from the ground up to meet the stringent needs and realities of enterprise organisations. The system has been built from the ground up with custom components on a completely scalable stack using industry-leading best practice from an engineering standpoint. If your use case needs to scale to millions of concurrent users, SENTR3 is the solution for you.

What is the annual cost to deploy a white-label?

The cost of your white-label is correlated with your instance's monthly seat usage and MVP custom requirements. There is also a fixed one-time setup cost for setup up your custom mobile apps for iOS and Android. Work related custom requirements is also a one-time cost while annual seat licensing fees are ongoing. Complete our contact form to get a white-label project estimate within 7 days.

Can I use SENTR3 without white-labelling it?

Yes, SENTR3 will soon deploy its own instance available to customers who do not need to have a custom white-labelled setup. Contact us to learn more.

What's the best way to know if SENTR3 is right for me?

We recommend that you complete our contact form and schedule a meeting with one of our enterprise sales representatives. Click here to contact us.

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