Branded communication layer for tokenized community

Managing a tokenized community of Ethereum or Polygon? See what’s possible when you host holder communication efforts on our proprietary token-gated platform.

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How it works

1. Create one of many rooms for holders

We help you deploy a branded room for your community through one or many rooms. These rooms are not accessible to non-holders. Holders authenticate via Privy or Unlock Protocol.

2. Connect room(s) to your domain name

During onboarding, we set up a subdomain or domain of your choice to your room so that communication for your holders remains on-brand. The app is responsive and works on desktop and mobile devices.

3. Host holders-only discussion with ease

As a host, you get to assign admins and moderators to your room, configure your channel categories, channels, and announcement feeds. Sentr3 takes care of keeping non-holders out of your room(s).


Simple monthly pricing for hosting your holder communications



Host up to 100 holders
Custom domain
Privy or Unlock Protocol auth



Host up to 1,000 holders
Custom domain
Privy or Unlock Protocol auth


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Host over 1,000 holders
Custom domain
Privy or Unlock Protocol auth

Why Sentr3

Branded token-gated comms made easy

Gate on Ethereum, Polygon, or BSC

Manage allowlists and set complex gating scenarios with our no-code system

Configure your room and channels according to your needs


We’re integrated with Privy and Unlock Protocol, making the onboarding of your community seamless for all user types.


Our platform can grow with your needs. No need to worry about the infrastructure powering your holder-only discussion.


The platform is built to plug into any blockchain. It is currently integrated and live on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC.


Sentr3 allows you to map a subdomain or domain of your choice and configure you own custom font with your room(s).

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